In other news, if you happen to become, oh, say, a brigade training officer in the S-3 staff and you ever send a simple tasking down to all 6 battalions with the express directive to have the slides filled out and back before 1600 Monday, 6 days later, don't expect to see shit until 1730. Don't expect to actually have all the inputs until 1830. Don't expect to have all the correct inputs until the next morning. Don't expect to not be massively fucking pissed that an assignment which should have taken 2 hours of nug work somehow requires 6 days to complete and turn in late. Don't expect the fucking club on post to still be open for beer when you drag your ass out at 2000.

Seriously, you'd think we were actually in combat or running an exercise or something from the ridiculous pace of work today. Everything went completely nuts at about 1100 (obviously, since I was about to go eat chow) and didn't stop until 2000. I ran away for a slice of old, dried out pizza at the mini-mall at 1630. There were a couple moments where I was near to pissing myself, but I was holding 3 phones and typing email.

Seriously. Ridiculous. We're not even in the fight yet.