Was Amazing! i went last night to see them at the marquee. i went with my girlfriend and her friends, we brought a Finnish flag, that got their attention haha. they played a lot of great songs. we stood in the front row and slightly to the left. it was great, they came in front of us trying to read the poster serena made in Finnish. haha. they liked that too.

but by far the best part was after the convert was over. we went and stood where the tour bus exits and the band all came out to talk to us and sign stuff. i got my guitar strap signed by Eicca, Paavo, Perttu, and drummer Mikko.

when the band was about to leave Eicca was the last to leave and Serena and her friends went up to him one last time, they all got hugs from him, the he looks at me and says "AND YOU TOO!" and tackles me. haha. overall i think its the best concert ive been to. i will try to get a picture of my signed guitar strap up here soon. Edit: i have a picture up now. it was there a while ago and im just doing this now. haha