Ok folks. I've actually been thinkin about this for a really long while, but i do believe its about that time for me to leave. Its been great to be here on Red Vs. Blue, but this place just ain't what it used to be. I mean what happened to the good old days when people would talk about how great Halo is, what their new kill rate is, what new interesting games are out, or even how their day was? THis place has been taken over by myspace people who only has place Halo at least once and can't figure out anything to talk about except sex and gossip and always likes to neg-mod people just for the fuck of it. Its rediculous.

Plus i feel like people just flat out forgot about me. I mean, God knows how often i get a picture comment, a journal comment, a plain comment, or a message from mostly anyone. I'm lucky just to get any one of those every month or somethin. But i will say that only two people have actually had a good conversation with me lately. And i would just like to say thanks to both GRIMM_GURL and SLIPKNOT_HOE for keepin it real.

So ladies and gentlemen, this will be the last journal entry or any other entry that i will give to you. But i'm glad to have made an assload of kickass friends on here within the past 3 years. And even though i may never see you guys, I love you all as friends.

Marcel Martinez a.k.a Shawn666

P.S. I'd like to show the pictures that people made for me to show my appreciation to them. Plus i will keep my account on here for one more week so i can read comments if there are any.