For June 1st - Extreme LOTTO!!

Over 1420 mods have been given so far.

The Prizes:
For as long as mod points exist (if the system change happens in between Lotto's, bragging rights will have to suffice)

Rumor has it - we are even closer...but at least not before June since people at RVBTO will be among the first to go on the new system

You get a mod just for entering.
Exceptions: If you pick a number that has already been chosen - no mod for you!

Maximum prize is 21, 20 mods for picking the winning number and of course one for entering .
If no one picks the winning number, then 10 for the closest guess.
If two people are closest to the winning number, then 5 mods each.
Those that did not win any of the above prizes will still get 1 mod if they got one digit correct in the correct spot.

The Rules:
One guess per user per draw.
Once a user picks a number, the next user must pick out of the remaining unpicked numbers.
Guesses are between 1 and 100.
If by some chance all 100 numbers have been chosen, you'll have to try next week.

Once the draw has been made, the next draw will be in a new journal, starting the guessing over.
Drawing will take place, hopefully, each Sunday.

For purposes of correct digits, 100 is considered 00, and the numbers 1-9 will be considered 01-09.

Good luck!

(I have been doing the "Sunday Lottery" since February 4th by draw date or January 28th by journal, of 2007.
It was not an original idea, though I don't recall anyone else giving points for parts of the correct number.
I occasional get asked how I am picking the winning numbers. The answer is in the first journal,
here, How are winning numbers picked)


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