I needed to install a service pack on one of the computers in our house to use the new AVG.

BIG mistake.

Service pack three has issues with some AMD processors, some Nvidia graphics cards and some ATI cards.

This machine has an AMD processor, an NVIDIA graphics card and an ATI TV card.

I spent 4 hours this weekend so far preparing to call technical support.
That is, they always start off with...

1) do you have the latest graphics drivers
2) do you have the latest mother board drivers

So I decided to beat them to the punch.

This problem is so wide spread that Microsoft is offering free technical support.
(does this remind you of the Xbox 360 problem?)

So that was another 2 hours with telephone techinical support.

They are suppose to call me back at one today from their "highest level" support people.

I noticed that the description of SP3 said "will not have a significant difference in the user experience" (it's mostly to fix security problems).

Do you think my "user experience" might have been "too good" and this brings me in line with the average M$ user?

Hey, sounds like a poll!!!


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