So, where to begin? I know I've been absent both here and on LIVE for a while now. Got back into Warcraft for a month or two, been playing on my Wii and PS3 a lot too. Almost finished with Folklore(PS3) and been hacking away at Mario Galaxy and Mark Kart. I play Halo every once in a while, did today in fact. The change though has been my social life. I switched sections as work so that I work with a different group of people. This new group is a LOT more active outside of work. Every other weekend they're out on a hike or kayak trip. Sometimes bikes, this weekend they're camping. I've gone kayaking with them twice now, it's a blast. Don't always go however, I still enjoy spending my weekend playing games or watching tv. Speaking of tv I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately. Started getting into the original series, watched 20 something of them so far. I just love how there is so much of the series to go through. Been watching the latest series, it’s alright. A bit disappointed thus far, but there have been some good ones. Just heard Atlantis will be starting back up soon, been a while since I’ve watched Stargate. I’ll normally just watch one sci-fi series at a time and gorge myself on it when I do.

This past weekend was a four day weekend for us and me and two buddies from work took a trip of to the Big Island. I live on Oahu, and if you're looking on a map I'm farther northwest. The Big Island is the southernmost and largest, hence the name. It only takes about an hour to fly between the islands, so we didn't lose any time on travel. Spent a day at the Volcano National Park. Took a nice 4 mile hike into an inactive crater and then drove down to where the lava has flowed over the road. Walked around on hardened lava for while, it's just so much fun looking at the different formations. All the various shapes and flows it forms. Later that night we went to the lava viewing area. This big sucked because up until the lava flow changed a few months back, you could get a lot closer. Now there's a half mile or so safety gap. Really all you can see if a small lava stream dumping into the ocean and the smoke plume rising from it. Stayed around until nightfall and saw a bit more of a contrast between the orange in the background and the white smoke in the foreground. The next day we took a drive to the southernmost point of the United States. They had a 40 or so foot cliff drop that we jumped off of. The climb back up was a bitch though, or I would have jumped again. Did a little snorkeling later that night and the next morning. Saw some turtles and a good amount of fish. Then took a drive up to the summit of Mauna Kea. It's a 13k mountain, very nice view. Last day there we saw a few waterfalls and then flew back. Awesome trip all around. Great to get away from the monotony. The link below has some picture from my trip. I lost the pictures from the night lava viewing and the southern point, but my buddy got some good ones. Been meaning to swap pictures with him anyway. Click here for pictures, they're in chronological order. There should be 137, so just click through if you're interested.

And lastly, the advancement results just came back last week. So as of this past Wednesday I am now an E-5, Petty Officer Second Class. Won’t get paid for it for a few months though, the Navy is weird like that. But I get to wear the rank and carry the title. I have duty tomorrow so this was a short weekend for me. Watched Narnia yesterday, awesome movie. Think I’m going to go play FEAR now, not sure why but looking through my games that sounds fun. I’ll see about getting on here more often. Otherwise you can look me up on MSN, just message me for the address. Later

PS. How has everyone been?