Hi everyone. I'ts been a long time, and i doubt i'll be one more than a couple times a year month but i'll be here. . Anyways I have a game project and anyone interested reply. Of course i will include more information later, but this is just a preliminary round. The game will be RPG/Shooter and the setting will be not too distant future and not on Earth. I'm somewhat busy to put out all the details right now, so just comment if you're interested.Damn i just sounded like a douche! Maybe cuz i got all sorts of exams n shit. I am so fucking tired of that shit right now...

EDIT: Intro for game.
The game's atmosphere is kind of like that after WWI. Everybody's tired from the war, but not much has been destroyed. On earth there was a small localized nuclear war between India and Pakistan. China invades Japan. Then India and China destroy a couple of each others major cities with vacuum bombs (killing off about 80% of population on each side). This severely slows western economy, allowing the eastern bloc, which still has factories and a working class to get rich, thus shifting the world economy out of the U.S. and into Europe. Communism has been officially banned because they thought that China started the war, and many left wing groups were forced to go underground. Russia, experiencing an economical boom, starts rearming it's weakened army, and creates a new space based weapon. The "i haven't come up with a name yet" is gravitational field disrupter that requires massive amounts of energy (has a small fusion reactor on board). When it was tested in the Caucus Mountains, to many people the show was disappointing because the weapon did not work. So the generals gave a direct order to increase the output power. All of a sudden you see chunks of earth flying out of the ground hovering, then exploding into dirt that flies in different directions, and slowly the process speeds forward, and uncovers an ancient cave. The cave was seen to have ancient indo-european scripture, and that place was inhabited by a local ruler. Deeper inside, they found a large chamber, but within it, they find a peculiar site: a perfectly round hole that was still smoldering and the crater that was perfectly spherical. Later it was found out that the shape of the cave caused disruptions in the fabric of time and space, and when alligned with the gravitational disrupter, it created a warp effect to another place in space. It was found that it led to an asteroid that was floating nearby the planet that i drew. It had the mass of Earth, but was smaller, and there was a huge gash on the surface (i didn't draw it yet). 5 years later. They built a small base on the planet, 10 years, they built 3 (but no one knew exactly how many, but it's 3) large bases that were very self sufficient. They channeled all sorts of prisoners to the planet to help out with the terraforming and research. Eventually they installed a large scale antenna that was able to create the warp effect with the help of gamma waves, and this allowed communication between the two planets. <That's basically the whole intro right there. And then we have the main hero introduced.
Edit (in reply to Samx)
Yes. On that note I'm pretty much clear. There will be developing quantum computers, but they won't be able to do much with "regular" geometry and calculations, that's why normal digital computers will be a lot more popular, and more avaliable. The whole idea of the game is to change from a functioning society, to a small period of mayhem and then into a totally different view of the same place. The game will start out more RPG than shooter, as access to weapons will be limited- thus making the player dependent on his fists and "cold" weapons. The system will NOT have elements such as leveling-up or magic type stuff. However, certain elements of mix and match armor, custom weapons etc. So the player's armament will develop from:
1. fists and cold weapons (blunt objects, knives, thrown non-explosive objects)
2. regular firearms (including those with electronic assistance)
3. small vehicles, weaponless
4. small vehicles, with weapons
5. throwback to regular firearms, vehicles become rare.
6. as player meets factions, access to new levels of weapons, heavy vehicles.
7. Player will be mildly forced to leave vehicles behind

Most areas will be free roam (although there will be little to do there), and some areas (such as settlements) will have to be free roam- others only accessible by missions. Technically, i want the whole world accessible to the player, that is why there should be a couple generic maps that will have randomly scattered trees and stuff, creating an illusion that the player is free.
Some populated areas will be blocked off, but only with like a military post. If you manage to sneak in, then kudos to the player. That is a very good "reward system", if the player (himself, not the character) learns to break into areas, then he will have early access to weapons and stuff. If he gets caught, there will be consequences. I actually thought of including a jail, but thinking that the game will be time limited in very few places I thought not. Some areas will naturally be closed off due to the environement (i.e. high amounts of radiation, heat etc), only accessible with proper gear. Some gear will be avaliable (but at a really high price), making the player do many side missions to get them, other gear will be given during missions (or found).
the player will be free to visit different areas, instead of necessarily going to one. Like, you can go to one settlement, bypassing the other. Some won't be accessible though, just for the story's sake, otherwise it will be like Gothic 3 where you can visit any place and they will give you a quest not really depending on what you have done before. Don't get me wrong, Gothic 3 was a good game, but very beta-ish.

EDIT #2 [actual beginning of game] (chapter one)

Well, i told you the backstory of the game already. Now the actual game. The game starts out with a hl2 sort of interactive cutscene, where the credits role as you walk onto th