I really have been here that long :O

so i will share my stats, and read them my self, cause i haven't in a while...and comment them java style :D

You have made 2843 posts, 101 journal entries, and 1 forum threads.//yeah...quite a few posts...
You watch 40 users, while 40 watch you.//awesome. even numbers
You have received 852 (mostly positive) mods and given out 743 (mostly positive) mods.//Oh i am stingy...that would explain the 200 mods i have...

You have made 101 journal entries, with an average of 3.27 comments per entry.//quite a few...
Your most popular journal was MACS = FAIL! with 13 comments.//lmao. good times.
Every 9.3 days you add a new journal, usually on Tuesday nights, as with 22 (21.78%) of your journals.//hmm...what is it with Tuesdays?

Forum Threads//yes. just one. /me feels proud.
You have made 1 forum threads, with an average of 1 posts per entry.
Your most popular thread was MP3 player reviews with 1 posts.
Every 939.06 days you post a new thread, usually on Wednesday nights, as with 1 (100%) of your threads.

so yeah. my stats with comments...now for some random trivia about my time on the site:

smiley9.gif The most mods i have gotten in one hit was 50 from bigngreen...

smiley9.gif the first friends journal i ever got was from Flanger

smiley9.gif The first person i watched was MrMan0123

smiley9.gif I have a 2 year old pic in my gallery

smiley9.gif I have 202 mods, am level 41 with 45% to go till level 42

smiley9.gif I have 42d 20h 33m online.

And there is a journal.