I love it when I get these e-mails:


So it's day 1 without Meghan, and so far, I'm not too bad off, mostly due to the fact that I have a fair amount of media to keep myself entertained.

Today wasn't that bad- I mean, we've gone a day between seeing each other, so it just seems like we're working off days or something to that effect. Tomorrow or Wednesday, I'll really start missing her.

I woke up around 11, checked my e-mail, and watched My Cousin Vinny while I played WoW. After a while, I decided to order some Chinese takeout, so I got the General Tso's spicy chicken and sweet bourbon chicken.

I put gas in the car and went to work around 4, and got off around 10:30.

I found out that a co-worker of mine who works the night shift with me plays WoW regularly, so now I have something to talk about during my shift to make the hours pass ore quickly. Tonight, I'm sitting on the couch in the living room watching Frasier and Becker while logging in some more time on WoW.