Gyah, I can't help but think of that disney movie: "Get a Clue," after writing down the title of the journal....XD;;

Has anyone ever been so scared for another person because you realize that you are all they have left, that it makes you fear for yourself as well? I'm kind of in that position right now. It's really the worst fear I've ever had in my life, now that I think about it. That's not saying much since I'm a chicken with about almost everything! I guess it can also be considered a respect of power...
I also feel so freaking stupid I didn't notice earlier. In my life it makes so much freaking sense that I truly feel like an utter moron, but yet I'm so happy about it, I feel as if I could cry for joy! (It might be the music I'm listening to as well...XD;;)

I can't believe how fast my junior year went! It was such a ride, although it was freaking frustrating at times. I hope all of you who are in high school are having fun, a little bit of drama, and just a great experience overall!

Have a great summer everyone!

Until Next Time!