Happy Father's Day! Lol so my last journal entry was on Mother's Day, so why not follow up on Father's Day? Today was kinda fun. I spent the entire day with my family at a nursing home visiting my Grandpa. He is only temporarily in there because he just had surgery and my grandma just had her knee replaced. His was on his spine so he needs a little more care. Its ok though, its actually a decent Christian home so its neat, clean, and peaceful. I got my dad a Jeff Gordon t-shirt and a card, cheezy i know, but hes happy with that. We're gonna go see Zohan and The Happening next weekend I think. We love going to the movies so thats cool. BTW I'm on a job hunt, need a steady cash flow. There is this girl I've been wanting to take out on a date but I don't want to make any committments until I know I can afford a girl friend. Anyways, I'm out.