... Seriously, i really do.

Ah well, one of the brightsides to avoiding popularity is that i don't have to entertain you people.

Well i'm too lazy to write down all the details of my life so here's the short points that are important:

1. I graduated, woot! (also i'm not 18 yet, so i have this month long window where i can't go to real prison but also i can't get expelled, i'm thinking about doing something big)

2. Since i no longer have to obey school rules i stopped shaving, turns out i look pretty good with scruff on my face. Once again laziness has proven a valuable friend.

3. FINALLY got to play brawl, it is not describable in human tongue, rest assured i enjoyed myself while playing.

4. Got a laptop from my dad, it's nice too. Even came with spy sweeper, an antivirus program and microsoft office 2007 put on it by the folks at best buy. Unfortunately the spy sweeper will now not start up, i think thats a bad sign.

5. That's all!