I guess this really isn't a post, but more of a scramble to write down something that I dreamed about.

I have to give a small speech tonight in front of alot of people, so I guess this is why I dreamt about giving the speech. (kinda nervous too...phew, usually I don't get this nervous about giving a speech.) At the place, I took a shower. (I can't believe the place actually had a shower...) Sat around at the table, went and took another shower, came back and on the projection in the main hall was a quote I loved, even though the person isn't real at all. What makes me sad is that I can't remember it except the last line.

"... ... ...And thy branch is fair."
~Howard Vice

It made so much sense, but I can't think of what it was about! ><;; Gyah, how infuriating.
I'm inspired to write now. I think I'll go and write a small story.

Until Next Time!