Two journals in one day...I'm OUT OF CONTROL

John and I were at the eye glass place today waiting to get my receipt for my new sun glasses when one of the tech's ask us "who is better drummer Keith Moon or Steve Adler?". Well for those of you who don't know it I am A HUGH WHO fan. Keith Moon was the drummer for The WHO. Of course I say Keith Moon hands down. Then I ask the guy who Steve Adler was. The tech said he's the drummer for Guns-N-Roses. I say oh, okay and John and I walk away. It was not until I looked at John then I realized he was wearing a Guns-N-Rose's shirt and I was wearing a WHO shirt. Can you say extend fore finger and thumb and place on your fore heard? I told John we nerds and dorks... Mother and son, wearing their favorite rock bands on their chests. For John this was what no big deal; it’s what all the teens wear. For me ... I felt so ...soo... adolescent smiley5.gifsmiley5.gifsmiley5.gifsmiley5.gif