To all those people who thought Holland would win: suck it! Well it was a really good match, and the first time ended with 2 extra minutes at 0:0. There were a few chances to score on both teams: Denis Kolodin, and the dutch guy Shneider, but both failed to do so. Once the second half started, the game continued, and on the 55 minute the Russians launched a massive counterattack and Roman Pavlyuchenko shot and scored landing a 1:0 lean towards Russia. The Russians continued to play, allowing the Dutch to get closer to their goal, but stealing the ball to a couple daring counterattacks. Somehow, right before the game ended, on the 86 minute van Nistelroy scored, giving some hope to the Dutch that they might win. After a slight break, the game continued into overtime, with nobody winning the first overtime of 15 minutes, and on the second bam! Torbinskiy scored a nice shot right between the dutch goalkeeper's legs. On the 27th (total) minute of overtime, Arshavin scored an unbelievable goal. Youtube it, it should be up by now. That shit was knocked by his leg, and with him flying out of the play area and securing Russia the 1/2 finals of Euro 2008. Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole Rossiya, Fperyod!
Holland goalkeeper scared as fuck!
Stealin' the ball-ninja style
Holland goalkeeper in sheer disbelief as Pavlyuchenko scores 1:0
Roman Pavlyuchenko
Dmitriy Torbinskiy
different view