The Happening:

Waste of 13 dollars. Lousy 1 Hr and 30 minutes. Hell, I bet even "Kung-fu panda" was better
(Ps-Didn't watch it) :B.

Iron Man:

A good waste of money!. Even better than the comic.

Indiana Jones:

Don't you dare say it was crap. It was made of win.

The Black League
I got to say, This band is better than Sentenced. :B

Children of Bodom
If only you guys knew my page. It's #2 on the "Top artist" list
Next to #1 Which is The Black League and #3 which is Sentenced

Meh, nothing much going on around these parts.
Finally finished House. All the seasons...and Why..Why did Cutthroat bitch had to die!?
She was a bitch as first..But I started to like her! :F

House Quote:
Cuddy: Where did you come from?
House: Apes. If you Believe the Democrats

Rock on