.....by Jason Mraz is an awesome song thats stuck in my head, if you haven't heard it, go listen to it what are you waiting for!!!

So nothing much has been happening to me, how boring eh? My dad is coming back from Vietnam next week, and hes bringing me an Omega watch, can't wait to see it. And UEFA Euro Cup finals are almost here, all the teams I were rooting for were all knocked out to my amazement, like Netherlands and Portugal.

Quick vote guys: Which sport is better, hockey or basketball

I would have to say hockey bitches, cause I personally don't like basketball much, it just doesn't appeal to me. I guess I have the patient that some people don't when watching sports games, like soccer and hockey. But I personally like games where players work a lot harder to score. i'm sorry if i offended you basketball fans, but you know, people talk trash about hockey to me all the time