You know what? I feel like venting out my anger on this site for some reason, I don't know it's just that something on this site pisses me off for some odd reason, and I feel like yelling it out loud.

Well not really out loud, I'll be venting, but with the spoilers covering it so for those who dare look at them, and those we don't wanna look or just don't care can have it covered up.

Ok, are you ready? cause I am, here goes: FUCK YOU PEOPLE, FUCK YOU ALL. There's people out there that have pissed me off to no end, and I hope that they get a fucking rusted nail up the ass and herpes on they're privates, fuck 'em. When I see them in hell next time I'll make sure to have Satan order 10 demons to each person so they can fucking rape the shit out of them over and OVER AND OVER AGAIN. FUCK YOU ASS-HOLES.

Ahh, you know what, I feel much better now, thanks to everyone for listening to what I had to say.