I have to be the most moronic goalie of all time. I really must be!

Today at soccer practice, we did a scrimage, or practice game for those of you who don't know. I did this one save landing on my elbow, which you are NOT suppose to do. It started hurting, so whenever I could I took a knee. Well, about ten minutes later, I had to dive again and I stupidly landed on my elbow AGAIN. I stayed down because my elbow got thumped one good, but was up quickly after people started crowding around me. I can't stand being closed off like that, but my coach came over asking if I was alright, while the game continued on. Now this little thing I did, was truly pure idiocy. While clutching my arm, I saw the ball being shot at the goal, so I dived out of reflex and landed on my elbow the third time! XD;; I got up again with my arm in worse pain, and my coach looking at me like I was the most stupid person he had ever seen.

Coach: "Why did you do that?"
Me: "*laughing* It's a reflex. I couldn't just let the ball go through!"
Coach: "You could have stopped, you know."
Me: "*still laughing* I know."

I'm still laughing about it. I only jarred my arm, and it isn't that bad, but from my elbow down, it's swollen. XD;;
My friend who is another goalie told me she owes me three punches to the head for how moronic I was.

I hope this gave you a laugh!

Until Next Time~!