Hello people who take a megar interest in me.
I hope you are well
The time since my last journal has been filled with me generally feeling crap, angry and on the whole, terrible.
Some of you will know the reasons for this (porabaly becuase I have just told you) others won't

Me and my parents have had a fairly decent falling out
My dad is pissed at me for failing grade expecations for my GCSE's and my mum is pissed at me becuase i shouted at my dad and bunked the following day off school.

Some people will wonder why this is such a big deal
It's a big deal becuase strangly me and my family (were) pretty close and freindly (no incest for you sick minded people)

I've also had fallings out with the poeple who mean alot to me, while other people who mean alot to me i haven't spoken to in some time and it's getting very lonely here to say the least.

Enough about my problems how have all you been?

Ending this journal on a postive note i got my DXXZ's the other day and they look good
Pics will follow in about a week.

smiley12.gif Power To The Poeple smiley12.gif