At long last Nintendo of Europe has decided to get off its lazy arse and give us Brawl. Sure it smells of their incompetence, considering how nearly EVERY other publisher in the world can now release titles worldwide within a week of each other, but still...


Game charged me 3 more quid than usual for a grand total of £38 ($76), I don't know whether or not it's inflation, or that it's supposed to be the limited edition. Yeah heh, my arse, all it is is a cardboard sleeve and a postcard of Zelda, and her moves that we already know. Uh, Nintendo? That's not how you do limited editions. Not only are you shitting on us, but you're also telling us to pay more for it.

So I guess I could import. But Nintendo would just work its way around it, and no one would buy it when it does finally come out, which would prompt Nintendo of Europe to concentrate less on getting quality games over, and more on shovelware. It's a vicious cycle see.

So yeah, Brawl itself is presented all very nicely, and the fmvs show what the game would have looked like on more powerful hardware (depth of field + HDR lighting ftw). It's also nice to know that Nintendo is considering third party engines, as evidenced by the Havok Physics on the box. Hooray for a proper single player mode as well, but I am saying wtf to the story a lot (although it really doesn't help that I had half a pint during lunch).
The game has changed significantly. Older characters seem a lot more slower than before, except for Fox, it was quite surprising at how much speed he kept that I ran straight off the edge (wonder what it'll be like when I get Sonic smiley8.gif ). It also seems a LOT easier to spam attacks, rather than relying on skill, evidence of this is with some character's attacks such as Squirtle's whose "up B" has quite a range, and is indefinitely useful on enemies trying to recover. Speaking of spammable, this seems very easy to do with the new characters - MetaKnight was a lot easier to use than Marth.
And I hate the jumping sections. There's too many of 'em! I lose more lives to those than anything else. They're so fucking annoying.

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