Friday: Good times for me. Went to JD's and started a bon fire. Second one so far. Fuck yeah. Had some dudes and nondudes over. Made some kind of beverage; vodka, whiskey, cognac, and RC cola. Amazing, minus the cola. Watched Charlie Bartlett. Excellent movie. Amazing way of portraying something close to what a kid wants in high school.

Saturday: JD and I walked to my friend, Tyler Dombrowskie's open house. Met that boy freshman year, time flies seeing as the dude graduated (congrats to all grads). Had a SHITLOAD if foodage (mealage) and drinkage!! Fucking amazing ass foods there, man. Loved that junks.

After that, went to JD's grandparents for four wheeling. Amazing junks, ATV's = teh shitz. Fuck yeah!

Went back to the party, stayed the night at Tyler's. Killer time for meee. Played some good guitar and junks as well.

Sunday: Tyler's 18th birthday (coincidentally), we helped clean up and got some beer for our trouble. Good junks. Enough to keep me sober (seeing as I had to drive home).

Fun times man. I love parties.

Have a good time.

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