I just had to write about what happened to me last night. It's really weird, but also pretty dang hysterical!

Usually during the school year, I can fall a sleep at the drop of a dime. During summer, it's pretty hard for me to fall a sleep at a regular time. I do work out, but I can't just physically exhaust myself, I have to mentally as well. So, insted of my bed time being around 9 or 10:30, it changes to around 2 AM. (Pfft, all my friends who know me well are probably laughing their butts off, thinking I'm lying.) It's true I tell you! I don't sleep in very long either. Well, in my opinion I do since during the school year I wake up around 5:30 AM. So from about 2 AM to 9AM, I'm sleeping.

Going into last night, I was watching TV, like I normally do before bed. I see my mom go into the main bathroom (aka my bathroom), which is pretty odd since she has her own. Before that, she turns on the light in my bedroom, then shuts it off. When I see her come out of the bathroom, I ask my mom what's the matter and she doesn't respond. I just shrug it off and continue watching television. 2 AM strikes, so I'm pretty much ready to go and hit the hay. I had forgotten I'd left my window open, so I closed it, heading for my bed. I put my knee up on the bed, and what do I find? My mother in my bed sleeping!

I basically blinked, exited my room, and fell asleep on the couch.

9AM rolls around, and I wake up. The first thing I do is call my mom at her work. While we were talking about last night, she told me she honestly didn't know how she got there!

It was weird. I had witnessed my mother sleep walking.

Until Next Time~!