I left a girl behind in Texas. I thought she didn't love me. She thought I didn't love her.

Stayed friends though. I got a good job up here now. I never stopped loving her.

She's married now. Beautiful baby girl. She loves him. But she never stopped loving me.

Now I'm 1700 miles away. Now I know. I've been selfish, and I instigate more conversations with her now than I used to. She's not mine to have anymore, but I still think about it. Still think about her. Still dwell on it. A lot.

I don't know anyone up here. Been trying to fill my time with other stuff, like the music forum here and Rock Band (Kyle, yer a lifesaver). Anything that keeps my mind busy. Trying to find new bands, something I wasn't listening to back in Texas. Trying to find new hobbies. Trying to find new books. There's never quite enough.

This journal doesn't really beg for responses. I'm not looking for advice. I already know I need to stop thinking about it and move on. It just helps to say it all out loud.

Thanks for reading.