I'm a damn nerd.

10 years ago

Maybe not as big a nerd as some, but I'm a nerd nonetheless. I play video games. Lots of them. I am learning Perl, on my own, for no reason other than so I can program things for my own use. I play roleplaying games, and not the ones on consoles. I go to rennaissance faires. I watch anime sometimes. (just a couple of them, really) I nitpick The Matrix. I own a plastic lightsaber, a life-size Jack Rackham jolly roger flag, and all three major video game consoles. My only saving grace is my New England Patriots hat.

Why aren't chicks hanging all over me, dammit! I'm GRADE A MATERIAL!

Comments (13)

  • Neoma


    7 years ago

    You'll grow out of it.

  • nikasaur


    10 years ago

    I can't get the ladies either. I have really nice lips and I can't get chicks. It worked for angelina jolie, I can't see what the problem is.

  • InvissaGem


    10 years ago

    Nerds are the best choice for so many reasons. Not the least of which is their exceptional hand-eye coordination.

  • ShodAlex


    10 years ago

    I'll hang on you

    Just let me get up outta my chair, no wait!

  • bugdog


    10 years ago

    I have a weekness for gaming nerds. I married one :)

    Ooo, stereotypical idea follows - you need to be meaner to women. They like that (so I'm told - I didn't get that gene).

  • burnie


    10 years ago

    Go Jets. Beat the Pats.

  • GogoYubari


    10 years ago


    Nerds are fantastic. It's the only way to fly.

  • Eclipse


    10 years ago

    It's so very true...

  • Sekhmet


    10 years ago

    You know... as a girl who has dated her fair share of nerds and non nerds alike... I can definitely say that mojomasta is right..... Nerds do make the best lovers. :-) Give me a dork/nerd boy any day! :-)

  • DragonEdge


    10 years ago

    Who needs girls when you have a whole forum hanging on your words