Hello all. Its been a LONG time, but I am gradually rediscovering this site.

Still working for the Steamship Authority and trying to make time for my fiance' which is going to be a real hard thing to do now that she is back in VT and im here in MA >_<

We are just about at the 1 year mark of official dating and going very strong. :)

In other news the Sox beat the Twins tonight 18 to 5 so that was a highlight.

I also want to tell everyone a story about this bitchy woman that came on the boat drunk this afternoon.....its a long one so basically she yelled at us for being lazy and started off her long list of complaints conversation with the Purser *my boss* by informing him that she was a 20 year resident of the Vineyard *the island we service* and that her Husband was a Commander in the Navy.........congratulations lady...want a cookie?

Anyways...she takes the guy in a tour of the boat pointing out every little thing she thinks is wrong...yells at the lunch counter staff for taking a break and than makes the Captain do the same thing with her after we dock.

A real " C U Next Tuesday" and a all in all classy broad.....
**no offense ladies...you are all wonderful.....but this one was a real class act**
Rant over...we now resume our regularly scheduled programming...