...I found out today that I gotta find a new place to live. It sucks because I had a sweet deal here, and no matter where I go its going to mean it'll cost more (and it'll be more inconvenient because it'll be further away from the campus where I go to school), but I suppose I think I'll like the change. It'll be good for me.

What else is new...oh yea, I bought a little book today called "On Bullshit" by Harry G. Frankfurt, who happens to be Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Princeton. Yea. Its a mere 60 or so pages (tiny pages too, and really very few words per page. This book could have been under 10 pages, fuck maybe 1 or 2 if they really tried) and its a pretty interesting read. Its not meant to be funny at all. This is a serious guy talking seriously about what bullshit is. You have to laugh at it, and I doubt he is completely oblivious to the humour and irony of writing an essay on bullshit, but it really is at heart a serious essay.

So yea. I recommend that one.

Anyway, I'll be checking out a new place tomorrow. They gave me a month's notice, so I've got plenty of time to find a new place.

Ok, journal is over now.