Ok, so I decided to not do one giant diatripe about this magnificent film. instead i will have a few sections and a score. enjoy.

The Script

Goyer and Nolan made a great story, which Nolans brother Jonathon helped him write a MAGNIFICENT screenplay. fucking epic. but on its own, useless, without the other attributes of this film, it could have been utter shite. so onto the next paragraph!!


Christopher Nolan brought his Alpha game. i say alpha because that came BEFORE a. so it must be better right?
anyway, i digress, the film is gorgeous, the IMAX scenes incredible yet blended delightfully with the rest. mis en scene is fantastic, nothing there without a reason for it, and the man continues to display an uncanny ability to craft a film that leaps from quiet soft scenes to giant fucking explosions and still not seem over the top. this man deserves a fucking oscar. i swear to god.

The Actors

Christian bale
is once again, luminous and tragic on screen, from witty banter with alfred to voice box tearing arguments with gothams finest and lowest. he brings a lot of life to a character that could be, and has been, very stale and stony in the past. i have yet to see a film with him that i didnt love. and this is even better. its his best film yet

Maggie Gyllenhaal is very good, bringing heart to a character that was... flawed in the first film. but she is talented enough to incorporate holmes character into hers, to make it beleiveable. like a different artist drawing the same character, with a better writer at the helm.

Aaron Eckhart
, is scary, smart, sweet kind and aboslutely stunning, he will bring you almost to tears with his arc of pain and TORMENT.

Caine, is great. i cant say much because his character doesnt really have an arc, but he is a great supporting man.

Oldman, as always, is perfect. he plays a sometimes incredibly boring character fucking amazing. every moment he is on screen he is likely to steal that scene, unless its got...

Heath 'the man' Ledger

This guy... is fucking scary, a character hasnt chilled me to the bone so much since hopkins' lector. and he surpasses the man. the others play amazing parts, ledger IS the joker. all i have to say is pencils.

now thats done, i leave you with this, this is the only film i have ever rated so high.

* * * * * * * * * * * out of 10

yes, there are eleven, sometimes, you can take it that high.