Well, Its been years since Ive been on here, so I just thought I would drop a Journal on here...

Lets see, Im now up on Deviantart, so you can check me out there if you want.

Its under Crispyreaper.Deviantart.com

Ummm, leeeets seee..... Learning how to Weld, which is freakin SCHWEET!!! (YAY FOR FIAH!!!)

Just recently beat The Orange Box(Yeah yeah, I know its been out for a year or so, but I just recently picked it up an beat the crap out of it!) Also, I am now in love with DOG! That little robot of doom an destruction is one of the coolest characters ever!!!

Ummmm, also beat MGS4 for the Fourth time(Good god, I freakin LOVE this game!)

Also, Still working at the library, we just got a new manager here, an she is nice, but doesnt really know anyting so we have to teach her...

An thats about it! Might post some new pics up on here sometime in the future, but if not just check out my Deviantart profile! Its actually got some of my work on there!