I found a new place. Won't be moving in until September but that's fine. Its cheap, convenient, and I think I'm really going to like the change.

So, gonna see Batman today. Looking forward to that.

I've begun reading Heinrich Schenker's "Counterpoint", his treatise on the subject. So far its been incredibly informative. At first I thought he had a tendency to run off on tangents, but in fact all the examples he brings up deal with crucial issues pertaining to exactly what he is talking about in a given section, and they not only help illustrate his points but give you insights into, well, all of composition really. And sometimes he's funny too:

"Recently, Richard Strauss has developed almost to a mannerism the practice of inverting a second into a seventh in a melody, thus achieving surprising and strange effects. These could often be considered quite interesting if it were not for the fact that the composer's intent is often irritating."

Well I think its funny.