So I just had my eighteenth birthday and i'm really excited about it. Granted I can no longer get in fights with a few people since now it would be an assault and battery charge on my legally adult record, but now i can do fun things like... like... oh crap i still can't do any good stuff.

Still I'm happy. Sure I don't smoke and granted the only foreseeable new feature of my survival rate is that Uncle Sam could haul my ass off to war if he deems fit I'm gonna stay positive.

It's been fun so far. The night before my birthday my friends and I hung out and waited til midnight at which I went to a gas station and bought a pack of cigarettes (Unfortunately my deep love I hold for my lungs kept me from doing anything with them and ultimately my friend cody ended up getting a full free pack of smokes out of the trip).

The next day I had my party. My friends girlfriend, Katie, got me a flail. Like an actual medieval-era, ball-and-chain flail. A real one too made from heavy iron. Keith, the friend dating the awesomeness that is Katie, got me a University of Michigan shot glass, I may smash it with a flail (if you didnt know UM is Ohio States bitter rivals, it's like the oldest college rivalry in the USA's history and UM can go suck a cock). The flail is really old though so I may get my dad to help me repair it... not that I need to repair it... because I'm not going to do anything with it....

Clever Distraction!

Now that you've forgotten about the possible crime in place, onward!

Family birthday party tomorrow, I'll probably just get cash.

Lastly, I'm going to see The Dark Knight in about two hours, i'm so excited I might soil myself.