Foo Fighters

7 years ago

Last night I traveled over to Oklahoma City to catch the Foo Fighters in Concert. I didn't catch the opening act, Year Long Disaster, but I did see Supergrass that played right before the Foo Fighters came on stage. I haven't listened alot to Supergrass, but they were really good. I'll have to check them out some more.

The Foo Fighers came on around 9:00 and put on a heck of a show. The Foo Fighters had to cancell their two shows before this one because of Dave Grohl's voice was hurting so I was a little worried, but he came out rocking and screaming. They had a main stage and a small stage out on the floor where they played a semi-acoustic set. They played well and jammed out a few times once while they did a cover of Young Man Blues.
They played about 2 1/2 hours and Dave gave it his all, but it was apparent he had yet again trashed his voice. When he sang Big Me during the encore, he sounded pretty bad, but when they finished up with Best of You he belted it out as loud and as best as he could. It was a great show, they have so many hits, but Dave is so personable and the band plays so well together that they could put on a great show by just jamming for a couple of hours. Well worth it. I would recommend their concert to anyone.

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  • Finkers


    7 years ago

    Im not too into the Foo Fighters, but a good show is worth watching.
    Just as long as they put on their best, im open to listen to them live anytime

  • MarthaMarin


    7 years ago

    Please go back and tell Mr. Grohl that I would like to make out with him.