..was awesome. Go fucking see it.

And what I liked even more was seeing a preview for a new Terminator movie. Wtf? Have I been living under a rock? Actually, that's not too inaccurate, so maybe that explains why I didn't know they were making a new Terminator movie. What I really love is the fact that is going to take place during the actual future (that for three whole movies has constantly been alluded to and seen in only small snipets of flash-backs...or flash-forwards rather). Seriously, I didn't mind the third one but for crying out loud how many of these guys did they send back in time? And technically wouldn't it have been impossible for them to have even made a sequel to the very first one since Kyle tells Sarah Conner that the Terminator sent to kill her was Skynet's last chance since the humans (in the future) had already won? Does that mean they wouldn't be able to send more Terminators back? Guess I shouldn't get too bogged down with the technicalities, especially since T2 was a fucking masterpiece and I couldn't live in a world without it, but to get back to the point, they've really over-used the whole time travel thing, and its about time when get the rest of the story filled in. But the most awesome thing was seeing the Christian Bale is going to play John Conner. Fuckin A. Wouldn't want to have anyone else do it. I'm psyched.

On second thought, perhaps they sent the original T-800, the T-1000, and the T-X all at the same time to those three respective time periods (before John was born, when John was a teenager, and when John was in his 20s) and then the humans sent Kyle, and the two reprogrammed T-800s after those respective robots, then it makes sense, even though its a stretch and why the fuck wouldn't Kyle have mentioned that too. Maybe we'll even find out in the fourth. Perhaps it's related to the whole "changing the course of history" thing, like the way in T2 they were supposed to have prevented Judgment Day completely but in T3 we find out they only postponed it, so perhaps by changing the sequence of events slightly they made Skynet last longer in the future so it could send more Terminators. But then if Kyle is supposed to be Conner's father...which would suggest that Conner would not exist were it not for the fact that Kyle went back in time...then that sorta complicates the whole "changing the course of history" thing. And since the Terminator in T3 says rather unceremoniously and without any explanation that "Judgment Day was inevitable", that is evidence further against the idea that the course of events as they progressed could have been anything other then what they are (heh...so much for "No fate but what we make"...), but then from what I gleaned from the T4 trailer, the future "isn't what [Conner's] mother described", so that would suggest that the future that Kyle had described to Sarah and which she told John all about was "out of date"...meaning that the course of history was changed (Technically we already knew this since Kyle explicitly tells Sarah that Judgment day was August 27th 1997, which we learned in T3 came and went without incident...but only because Judgment Day had been postponed, so history was altered already) and so the future isn't what John expected. Am I making this too complicated?

See, this is why time-travel sucks. I'm glad that they're making a sequel that takes place in the future.

I wonder...surely Arnold isn't going to reprise his roll? He can't since he's Governor right? Besides, he's like 60. He managed to pull T3 off, but a fourth? There's no way. But, I do think it would be cool to see an army of Arny cyborgs.