Man! This crappy, not-warm summer sun gives me false hope... I think it's going to be a pleasantly hot day, but I step outside in my shorts and tank top only to discover that it's lukewarm at best.
Meanwhile, Michael is off enjoying (suffering?) in +95 degree weather in Arizona. He comes back on Tuesday. I can't wait!
I have tons I can do but no gumption to do it. I did draw this pretty cool picture of Zero-Suit Samus for Michael! I've also been making window clings! It's fun!
Well... I have an XBox 360 in my possession temporarily, but the one game I want to play is the one I'm totally stuck on! My Viva Piñata garden isn't progressing at all... I'm also going to start playing Katamari and Assassin's Creed. Hexic is addicting... I just can't wait until I get to play Final Fantasy X again! The XBox 360 needs a few more fun, not-so-serious games like Viva Piñata and Katamari. Come check me out on XBox 360! I'm Princess Norty!