I figured it's about time I did an entry. Alot has happened since last year. Hell, where do I begin?.....

I managed to hook up with a childhood friend. Things were great. Hell, we even went to prom together, and actually had fun o.O But then a HUGE misunderstanding took place between me, her and her parentals (nothing like being caught doin 'stuff' or anything like that) then after that everything jus fell apart. Part of me still yearns for that past happiness with her, but time goes on and so does life. Kicking myself and crying over spilled milk won't change anything.

After a few weeks into the new year, I got myself a job as a public advertiser for some Tax company. REALLY SHITTY!!! I had to stand outsind in below zero weather wearing a statue of liberty outfit, waving at cars for 8 hours a day. That didn't last long.

After a few months of job-hunting and trying to figure out what to do with my life, I eventually enrolled in a college. My major, criminal justice. Not because i believe in justice or believe that the local law enforcement and government is so great (It blows to the extreme) I figure what job would be better. you can drive really fast and not get a ticket, carry a gun around, FREE HANDCUFFS ^_~, and you can act like a prick to people and they can't say shit and if they do....well, like I said, there's alot that a police officer can get away with. Within reason, mind you. Think about it. When you're a cop, you're hated, respected, loved, and feared by just about everyone. Now how weird is that? Weird career for a weird person like me, so I figured it goes together.

Now let's see, what else? Oh yeah. After searching for a long long time, I finally got a job that can actualkly be usefull in persuing my career in law enforcement: Security Guard. It's not as important and next to no privlidges to bein a cop, but it's a start. gotta do something until I start academy training.

That's about it for me so-far. If anything happens, i'll let you know