Okay, here's what's going on:

I was told that I will be receiving an offer to work down in Beaufort. That's pretty cool; not my first choice, but a nice area nonetheless. Unless another offer is made soon that I like better, I'll be headed down there at the end of the month to relocate. Found a couple of apartments, calling tomorrow about availability. I'll let you know.

Next, speaking of tomorrow, that's when my internet is being shut off. Comcast doesn't bill right on the month, so it was either have nothing for a week and a half or pay for three weeks we won't use. Pfft. I'll make sure I head to the library on campus a couple of times a day to stay in touch, but I obviously won't be as readily accessible.

I ordered a couple of shirts in the last week and those came in Thursday and Saturday. First was a grey t-shirt with the Dunder Mifflin logo on the front, and second was a polo shirt with the same logo much smaller on the left. I will totally wear the polo to work at the high school. Things like that make me happy.

Weird problem with my RvB pages -- smileys are off. Anyone else having that problem? I thought maybe it was the RTSE, but after uninstalling that, the problem still remains. Here, I'll show you:


And they show up on other screens the same way -- regular smile is disappointed, big smile is blacked over.... It's a pain in the ass. Is this just me, or are others having this issue?

Anyway, leave me lots of comments, both here and in my images (here's lookin' at that Dunder Mifflin image!). Later.