well woke up at say 10:40
showerd and then left with my opa in his nice work car....
(for those who are not dutch/german opa means grandpa)
well driving up the hwy 9 doing really good, speed limit, not to swervy
you think my day was good..
well turned up to bewdley(a boonies town lol)
drove all up and around there,
and still did very good.
well went back on hwy 9 and decided to see if i could remember my old bus route
well got most of it then wound up in Port Hope..
then stoped off at timmies for some late breaky
then i got my loverly begal
droped half of it *tear*
then went back to driving
oh btw my parking job was horrible lol
kay anways drove over to blockbuster to talk to my friends mom about visiting tonight
and while backing up to park i hit a post...
a nice fat yellow STEEL post..
and well the back corner of my opas nice car
was dented and scratched yellow......
so i decided ill stop driving and went home

tht was my excitment for the day :)
i hate being a noobie driver:(

plus i just got my actualy card lisence
i look like shit XD lol