well last night i was out drinking with a few friends
and one has this new totally amazing long board
well i was drunk and scared to stand so i sat and went down a hill
i was doing prii good actually
my hands were only holding on to the bottom
cause i didnt want to run over my hands...
get my hands stuck in the wheels...
drag on the cement
so i started to wobble and then me not the board turned in a 180 and landed on the board then i fell off and did a summery-salt flip thing off the board and tht
all this at a realativly fast speed
it was AWSOME!!!!
well attempting the sitting on the board
with my buddy on the back..
we were doing really good
the second turnish
the board started to go wobbley again
and we started to go toward the ditch
so he bailed
so i tried to stop it with my feet (going faster then last time)
and accidently put my hand down so i hurt my wrists and elbow..
but yet again
it was AWSOME!!
so then i tried just doing it normally
and i prii much got the hang of it and tht
but got lazy so i had my buddy drag me along XD

there are so many more stories from that night but thats all im saying.. it was a extremly good night!!