Yeah, so what's up? well, I havent been on that much lately... you all might have noticed >.>
And, there is a reason for this...

(*sigh* I swore I'de never mention this kinda thing on the internet but whatever)

Yes, I have a lover girlfriend. And she is amazing. But that's not why I'm writing.
Hm... why AM I writing...

I guess... to say hi. I mean seriously, alot of you are pretty cool, and I feel I should at least aknowledge my... friends / watchers. ^_^

But really, this summer vacation has been pretty crazy.. what with Stephanie (yes that's her name) and these summer assignments.. and holy crap I've developed a small, but stable social life...

Got my driving permit... started working out... went to New York... But that's not what you're here to see!


Silent Hill... holy shit, it's REALLY good.

Uh... and so is Team Fortress 2, god i love that game.

(if any of you are interested in being my Steam friend, please tell me (I need that Family Practice achievment smiley0.gif )