Well... This boredom has spurred me to write a new story! But this time it's completely original! I didn't even use the names of anybody I knew! It's kind of long-ish, and it's a little mushy, but I swear it won't suck that bad! I just need you, my friends, to stick with it!
The idea came to me one night, when I couldn't fall asleep for the life of me! I sure hope you like it, but the styles a bit different. It's broken-up by the different character's points-of-view. Hopefully the title will make sense later, but I cannot give away any more. Here's part 1:

7:43, the wall clock nagged. The house was all but silent except for the incessant nagging coming from the clock.
“I know I’m running late!†grumbled Michelle in the direction of the clock.
Then she paused for a moment, just a moment, to contemplate just how absurd it was that she was venting to an inanimate object. Though, in her line of work, making inanimate objects talk back was no problem at all. She was, after all, an animator. Heck! Even a simple, yellow sponge has something to say!
She’d loved all sorts of cartoons when she was younger, and to be honest, still does. That’s why she wanted to get into animation, to create fun shows that others would come to love.
Cocoa poked his furry, brown head up at the sound of his master’s agitated voice. Cocoa knew the general morning routine of Michelle consisted of occasional talking, albeit cursing. He lazily got up, stretched, and pranced happily to his master.
“Ah! Cocoa! I almost forgot to feed you!†said Michelle as she raced around the living room trying to locate the bra she’d carelessly shucked off the night before.
Cocoa trotted off toward the kitchen, knowing breakfast was soon to follow. After a few minutes, Michelle bustled into the kitchen and grabbed that large, familiar bag. Cocoa’s tail wagged anxiously. She poured the remaining kibbles into Cocoa’s blue dish, then crumpled the bag and threw it hastily to one side.
“Damn. I need to pick up more dog food after work,†Michelle said half to herself, and half to the now preoccupied Cocoa.
She rushed back into the living room, quickly threw her scattered materials into her tote, and located her coat. As she took a step out the front door, she cursed quietly to herself and turned back into the house.
“Cocoa! Outside! Go potty!†she hollered.
It took a moment, but Cocoa soon ran obediently past her legs and into the yard. She took this opportunity to look over her small garden just to the right of the porch. It was a pathetic excuse for a garden. One rose bush, a strawberry plant, a few pansies, and about one million weeds. She made a note to herself to try to get outside and work this weekend. A house doesn’t just take care of itself.
Michelle never, in a million years, thought she’d own a house. With a great yard, even! But her Grandma Lou had it written into her will that her only granddaughter was to inherit the house and large chunk of yard. She had a grandson from Michelle’s uncle Joe, but he had all but written-off the family. Michelle loved her grandma, but she died of cancer a few years back.
To help Michelle cope with the loss, her best friend Caitlin and Caitlin’s husband, Jacob, bought her a chocolate Labrador Retriever. Their daughter, Alexis, was barely one-year-old at the time. Little Alexis loves going over to “Auntie Michelle’s†house to play with Cocoa.
That very dog was currently sniffing the tree he just nailed.
“Ok! Back inside! Come on, Cocoa!†called Michelle.
Cocoa zoomed back into the house and returned to eating his breakfast. Michelle turned, locked the door, and headed for her car.

Sorry about the lack of indentation... These journals aren't the greatest for posting stories because they don't allow indented work! Tell me, honestly, what you think!