Thats right I'm back from my trip and it was great.

If I didn't say were I was going, I went to a beach house for the week.

So many great things happened, one of my dads cousins (Gabe) and my cousins fiance (Blake) went out on a canoe that we brought and they fell out out six times and lost all the beer they took out there. We could see them from the deck of the beach house and man it was a great show.

After they fliped six times my cousin (Amanda) and I went out there to help them. We helped them get over the waves untill we couldn't reach anymore. They did great for about 30 seconds untill they got to the last break in the waves then they fliped again. After that they said they were done and we helped them bring the canoe in.

I wish I had my camera at the time so I could take pictures of that, but I didn't.

Anyway I'm glad to be back and i'll talk to all when I have so time to spare.