nm going on tired woke up really late about 50 min, late lol i usually get up and take a shower and eat something (pop-tarts usually)lol and then i just take my time getting to school then talk to my friends when i get there today i jumped in the shower (5 min.) got dressed and got my crap and ran out the door driving as fast as i could to get to school crazy!!! yesterday i was playing halo 2 was just messing around and sat. i went to 7 on 7 football practice because our team is gonna enter in with other school in a tournament at KU in a couple of weeks so im trying to get myself ready for that its gonna be fun cant wait!!!

aww man i found out one of my buddies i play halo 2 with online has cancer for the 2nd time he had it about 2 years ago and has it again i feel really sorry for him hes a cool guy i just hope he gets better

Last Day Of School!!!!
yay im soo glad this year is over it was a rough year but fun as hell next year Senior hell ya cant wait for next year

^_^ Jon ^_^