This part introduces the male character in my story. After this chunk, the story will alternate points of view between the female and male characters. Thanks for following along!

10:11PM, the glowing digital clock proclaimed.
Landon Bates slowly lifted his head off his desk and peeled away a piece of paper from his cheek that had decided to take a nap with him. He cursed under his breath when he looked at the ominous hour. Fuck, he thought angrily. I did it again.
Editing stories could be a tedious task, especially when the hopeful author was certainly no Dean Koontz. Anybody would fall asleep having to read this dribble, he thought with a heavy sigh.
He reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. ‘1 Missed’ and ‘New Voicemail’. The two usually go hand-in-hand. He didn’t bother checking the number of the missed call and went straight to check his voicemail. A familiar voice greeted him in a sour tone.
“Hi, Landon. It’s Tanya. I can’t understand why you never call me, or even answer your damn cell! What’s your deal, anyway? Dammit. This passed month has been fruitless! We haven’t done a thing! I’m sorry, but I just don’t think this is gunna work out between us. Bye.â€Â
After the helpful female automated voice read Landon his options for the message, he instinctively chose the ‘Delete’ option. Sadly, he knew that the relationship was going to be a short-lived one.
He met her at the mini mart near his house, and invited her out for a drink. That was the only form of a date they’d been on in the course of about a month. Sure she was attractive, but like most overly attractive people, she wasn’t gifted with intelligence. She was just dim and transparent. He hated those types of people, but at the age of twenty-seven, he had to stop being so picky. He’d end up alone for the rest of his life, at this rate. Was it too much to ask for a semi-decent woman these days?
Landon slouched out of his rolling chair and turned off his computer. After piling the many papers on his desk into a messy stack, he picked up his briefcase and headed for the door of his office. With one glance backward, he switched off his lights and locked his door.