Gentlemen, ladies: I have returned.

I wound up renting a U-Haul truck to make the move. My new roommate and I wanted a 14-foot truck; they didn't have any. So we got the 26-footer for the price of the 14-foot. Good deal; difficult as hell to drive. That'll come later.

Wednesday we packed up the truck except for a couple of things (namely, my bed and dresser). Thursday we finished packing it then drove down to Beaufort to unpack. That was fun. I wound up driving and he followed in his car (though we eventually sent him ahead so he'd get there first). We unloaded, looked around Beaufort for furniture, then came back to Charleston. Stayed the night at the old house on my roommate's futon mattress. Today I packed up my car with the remainder of my stuff, then helped him move. Stayed most of the day in Charleston, which was cool. Except for dealing with this one guy's mom, who was a total and complete bitch. Ugh.

And now I'm here. In the new place. I have a wedding to attend tomorrow, and I sign my contract on Monday. Right now I only have my bedroom furniture up (bed, dresser, desk), but nothing else is set up. I'm using someone else's computer to give you this update.

Anyway, I made it safely. Since the wedding is later tomorrow, I'll spend the morning and early afternoon settling stuff in. I'll get to my watchlist later.... the image addition seems to have hit several of you especially hard. I promise, if you're on my watchlist, I'll get to you, even if I don't comment.