Well, let's make this short, shall we?


Well, if you look back a few journals, I said I'd wanna work at Hot Topic. So I made friends with the assistant manager, Chad, and he put in a good word.

I got an interview yesterday, and it went smoothly. It was awesome to talk to the manager, she let me know that I was basically famous around there (I guess Chad told everyone about me) and it's all laughs, man.

I got a call today informing me that I indeed am hired and orientation is next Sunday after Mayhem Fest.


Just got my license as well as mentioned before, so all is good there.

Saturday the 9th, I get to see my main band (get it like "my main man") Slipknot along with a lot of others with my friends Tyler (tielur) and JD. Woo!!!

So fun times there.

Poll in the comments. Bye.