Chapter 12

"KILL HIM!!!!!!" the guy without the mask yelled. To my luck, there was no one else in the park, no gaurds, no police, no people, not even a damn bird or two. The ten guys ran at me, some with fists, others with chains and pipes and knives.
I punched the first one that got to me and he fell like a sack of bricks then i got tackled by five others. I looked at Panda her eyes were filled with absolute horror.
"RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed. "RUN DAMMIT! RUN!!!!!" Then to my surprise she took off like a bullet running down the path, into the street then she turned right down an ally then disappeared. Three of the guys ran after her.
The five guys holding me brought me up and pulled my hair back hard so i was looking directly at the guy's face. I grinned. He chuckled
"So you think this is funny? You really think this is funny?" he said. He slowly paced back and forth thinking.
"What to do with you, what do to with you? Hmmmm" He leaned closer to me, i spit directly in his face. "Suck a cock" I said. He punched me across the face.
"Im sorry, we got off on the wrong foot back there, with the girl, and the rock to the face and everything, which i still need to get you back for, anyways, my name's Brian" Brian said all sincere like. He grinned, obviously planning something for me. "That girl back there, whatever the fuck her name is, we just wanted some money, we weren't gonna hurt her......................much"
"You're a fucking douche! YOU HARM ONE HAIR ON HER HEAD AND ILL FUCKING KILL YOU, YOU FAT UGLY ASS MOTHER FUCKER! DO YOU HEAR ME-?" He punched me across the face acouple times and afew times in the gut.
"Now now, you're not in any position to be making threats, especially not to a person as high as myself" Brian said, completely full of himself. "You see these men? These men will do anything i say, because i have power, im their leader, and you.....well....your just some guy off the fucking streets! Sure you know a thing or two about fighting, but its all about who you know" He started laughing.
I laughed histerically. "You dont know-hahahahaha-who-hehehehehe-i am" I couldnt control my laughter, no matter how badly i wanted to stop. "Im gonna-hehehehehe-im gonna fuck-fucking kill you-hahaha-if you-hehehe-hur-hurt her-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
"SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Brian yelled. "Boys! Knock his insane ass out and tie him up! We're taking him back to our hangout!"
Still laughing uncontrollably the biggest guy walked over to me and punched me square in the face. I saw nothing but white then nothing at all, i fell unconcious.