As the title implies, I'll be gone. Michael and I will be leaving for Palouse (eastern Washington) tomorrow and returning Sunday. My parents live out there, and I've neglected to come and see them for one summer already... It'll be a 5+ hour drive that poor Michael has to make. And it'll be all hot, humid, and icky. Basically the exact opposite of Auburn's weather. I bought cute summer clothes and I want to wear them, dammit! A few things we will probably end up doing are: Swimming (HELL YEAH!), exploring the tiny town, play at the nearby school playground (the high school I attended very shortly), go into Idaho to explore the mall, and going firing with my dad at the shooting range. He's wanted to take Michael firing for so long... Plus I have much needed eye and dental appointments scheduled for the SAME day! *quivers*
My story is becoming epically long... I dunno if I want to keep posting it, for fear of everyone becoming bored with it. I had no idea it was so well shaped that I could turn it into a longer story.
I can't wait until tomorrow! Well, I've laundry and packing to do! I'll check-up on all you guys when I return! Have a fun week!
~NortyBits (Laura)