Well if you look here, "Interesting" won.

Here's what I'll do, I'll make headlines then go into them farther in the journal.


- August beats July
- Mayhem Fest this Sat.
- Job at Hot Topic
- Music (Tabs) [so far]
- Plans for the Week

Here we goooooo

August beats July:

Well, since the beginning of July, literally the first day, the month sucked a major amount of balls. 450 Million gay prostitutes worth. You see, Sprint decided to lie to my mother telling her that I used over 4000 min. charging us above $2000. This ruined my entire month along with my 16th birthday.
August rolled around. My mother found out Spring "accidentally" turned off "free nights and weekends" for me and that's what the charge was. So we got to ask for our fucking money back.

Mayhem Fest:

This Saturday, I get to see 13 bands in this year's Mayhem Fest. Woo! It's going to be amazing. doors open at 1 P.M. and guess who gets to drive himself and two friends there. *raises hand* ME!!! YAY!

- Airbourne
- 36 Crazyfists
- Five Finger Death Punch
- The Red Chord
- Black Tide
- Suicide Silence
- Walls of Jericho
- Underoath
- Machine Head
- Dragonforce
- Mastodon
- Disturbed
- Slipknot

Hot Topic:

Well as you know, I'm hired for the job at Hot Topic. I obtained my work permit and I have to head there on Sunday. Fun times with monies.


Well as far as music goes, I got Hawthorne Height's newest CD Fragile Future. I miss Casey seeing as he was my favorite member of the band. R.I.P

Tabs. So far I have the fallowing tabs approved:

June: Patrick (intro) Bass Tab
Slipknot: Psychosocial Bass Tab
Slipknot: All Hope is Gone Bass Tab
Sinai Beach: To the Church Guitar Tab

And currently pending on the approval for To the Church Bass Tab.

Plans for the week:
Wed.: Nothing as far as I know.
Thurs.: Dinner with my bud JD. Then recording time for me.
Fri.: Possibly hanging out with an old friend who got back from camp. Haven't seen them for a long time.
Sat.: Mayhem Fest for All, JD will spend the night after (drinks for meeee)
Sun.: Work Orientation

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