Well, I've been reading a lot lately, including the book Breaking Dawn. I do like it, but I'm trying to pace myself with it. I've also been reading a book called the Prince by Niccolo Machevialli (I probably butchered his name very badly...), which in my opinion is fantastic! It's all about how a prince should rule the country and how to go about with war and forgien nations, etc. I guess that type of thing really interests me. It isn't that long at all, only 134 pages at the most.

I've noticed my heart keeps beating faster and faster every day. It's probably because I'll be in my final year of high school in just three weeks, but also that this is the last year I'll be surrounded by people I've seen my whole life. I'm one of those lucky kids who hasn't moved from my surrounding area all throughout my required school years. To think about moving away from all those faces I see every year, it's a little scary. I'm not a person who will be totally paranoid about it, but it's still scary at the fact I may never see those faces again. I guess that's part of getting older.

Before I forget, my pictures went awesome for those of you who gave me the advice! I really appreciate it!

Another thing I'm questiong about my sanity again...about two or three years ago, my mom and I heard a boy doll laughing in her bedroom, both of us knowing there was no doll to speak of in said room. Last night I heard it again, but it was a girl's this time....ugh! Paranormal stuff really creeps me out. ><;;

Until Next Time~!