So I started to an at home business, hoping that it will give me some sort of income until I find a job. The job market in the new place I live it is REALLY REALLY bad. I actually started a job at the only place hiring around here. Now, I came from a really good job making really good money, but moved to Georgia when my husband got orders to come here (he's in the Navy). Well, after being here over a month and not finding anything I bit the bullet and applied at freakin' K-Mart.......pathetic.......i didn't even know they still existed, but they do.......What's even more pathetic was the pay.........6.75 an hour ARE YOU KIDDING ME! But I still took it because it's better than making nothing......So they "trained" me for 2 days WITHOUT pay and then it was off to the check out stand, the lady they paired me up with treated me like I have never been treated before. I'm not exaggerating either. A few of the customers even told her she didn't have to talk to me like she was and at one point I had to pull the till out of the drawer, and she reached over and slammed the till down on my hands and said "DON'T DO THAT"......crap that's what you told me to after her putting her hands on me I quit! So now I'm selling make-up until I can find another crap job.

so check out

and buy something, my bills would appreciate it